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List of medieval Mongol tribes and clans

List of medieval Mongol tribes and clans

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List of medieval Mongol tribes and clans

The qualifier Mongol Tribes was established as an umbrella term in the early 13th century, when Temüjin (later Genghis Khan) united the different tribes under his control and established the Mongol Empire. There were 19 Nirun tribes (marked (N) in the list) that descended from Bodonchar and 18 Darligin tribes (marked (D) in the list), which were also core Mongolic tribes but not descending from Bodonchar. The unification created a new common ethnic identity as Mongols. Descendants of those clans form the Mongolian nation and other Inner Asian people .

Almost all of tribes and clans mentioned in the Secret History of the Mongols and some tribes mentioned in the Tarikh-i-Rashidi.

Khamag Mongol confederation included Temüjin's clan

Khori Tümed, the people that Alun Gua descends from
Khorilar clan descended from Alun Goa's father Khorilardai Mergen
Dorben (four), descendants of Duva sokhor (the blind) (N)
Uriankhat, tribe of a man whom Dobun mergen (the wise) meets in the forest and who gives him a deer
Ma'alikh baya'ut, clan of Dobun's servant (D)
Jarchi'ut Adangkhan, Uriankhai clan that Alun Gua's five sons (Belgunotai, Bugunotai, Bukhu khatagi, Bukhatu salji, and Bodonchar, the Fool) subdue (D)
Belgunot, descendants of Belgunotai; Mongolian: Belgünüd
Bugunot, descendants of Bugunotai; Mongolian: Bügünüd
Khatagin, descendants of Bukha khatagi (N)
Eljigin, Mongolian: Eljigen
Salji'ut, descendants of Bukhatu salji (N); Mongolian: Saljiud
Jadaran, descendants of Bodonchar's captive wife's first son, Jamukha's clan (N)
Baarin, descandants of Bodonchar and his captive wife (N)
Manan Ba'arin, descendants of Bodonchar's son with his captive wife
Jaruud, descendants of Bodonchar's concubine;
Descendants of Bodonchar and his chosen wife:
Noyakin (N); Mongolian:Noyokhon
Barlas (several clans) (N)
Buda'at (N); Mongolian: Budaad
Adargin/Adarkin (N); Mongolian: Adarkhin
Chonos, a tribe whose seventy princes are boiled to death by Jamukha. (N)
Uru'ut (N); Mongolian: Urud
Manghut (N); Mongolian: Mangud
Taichi'ut (N); Mongolian: Taichiud, Taichuud
Süldüsün (D)
'Naked' Ba'arin
Besut (N); ; Mongolian: Besüd
Yürki, descendants of Khabul Khan's oldest son
Kiyat, Yesügei's subclan
Musjalut (Musajaluud, Mussali'ut, Mussalut), Köchü's subclan (Köchü Khan of the White Horde/Golden Horde)
Jirgin (Cirgin) - subclan of Jurkin and Jirgin Mix Clan
Sutai'ut (Sutaylar) - subclan of Il-Khanate
Mangkhol or Mangghal, the Mongols


A Turco-Mongol Christian (Nestorian) nation. Prominent Christian figures were Tooril and Sorghaghtani Beki.

Tumen Tubegun; Mongolian: Tümen Tübegün
Dungkhait; Mongolian:Dongoid

Tatar confederation

Airi'ut, mentioned in connection with Ambakhai's death
Buiri'ut, mentioned in connection with Ambakhai's death
Juyin other Tatars, or maybe a military organization, mentioned in connection with Ambakhai's death
Chakhan Tatar, mentioned in connection with the final destruction of the Tatar; Mongolian: Tsagaan Tatar
Alchi Tatar, mentioned in connection with the final destruction of the Tatar
Duta'ut Tatar, mentioned in connection with the final destruction of the Tatar
Alukhai Tatar, mentioned in connection with the final destruction of the Tatar
Tariat Tatar

Mergid confederation

The Mergids were a Mongol tribe who opposed the rise of Temüjin, and kidnapped his new wife Börte. They were defeated and absorbed into the Mongol nation early in the 13th century.

Uduyid; Mongolian:Uduid Mergid
Uvas, Uvas Mergid
Khaad, Khaad Mergid


Guchugut; Mongolian: Güchügüd

Ongud (White Tatars)


Mentioned in the Jami' al-tawarikh.

Forest peoples

Khori Tumed
Oirat; Mongolian: Oirad
Buriyat; Mongolian: Buriad
Ursut; Mongolian: Ursud
Khangkhas; Mongolian: Khankhas
Tenlek; Mongolian: Tenleg
Tümed, identical to Khori-Tümed

Other smaller groups mentioned in Secret History of the Mongols

Groups whose affiliation is not really made clear: these groups may or may not be related to any of the tribes and clans mentioned above:

Olkhuno'ut, the clan of Temüjin's mother (D); Mongolian: Olkhunuud
Khongirad, the tribe Börte, Temüjin's first wife, descends from (D)
some clans whose members join Temüjin after the first victory over the Merkit and the separation from Jamukha:
Bishi'ut; Mongolian: Bishiüd
Khinggiadai (D), Khinggit, subclan of Olhunoud; Mongolian: Khingid
Gorlos (D), subclan of Olhunoud
Ikires; Mongolian: Ikhires
Arulat (Mongolian:Arulad)(D)

some clans that take part in Sangums conspiracy:

Ebugedjin; Mongolian: Övögjin
Kharta'at (N?)
Khorulas, clan that joins Chinggis at the Baljun lake
Negus or Chonos tribe, clan whose chief is killed together with the 70 Chinos princes

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Musjalut (Musajaluud, Mussali'ut, Mussalut), Köchü's subclan (Köchü Khan of the White Horde/Golden Horde)
Jirgin (Cirgin) - subclan of Jurkin and Jirgin Mix Clan
Sutai'ut (Sutaylar) - subclan of Il-Khanate
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